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We strive to play a part in helping humanity evolve in an ethical, innovative, and sustainable way

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How We Invest

Arch Capital aims to invest very early on, where we can provide more than capital and develop close relationships with our founders


We do this by gaining a clear understanding of their goals and tailoring our services so we can best support them

Industry Focus

We believe in people, the power of ideas, and innovation


We focus on companies and individuals solving problems through an ESG lens.

We are primarily interested in start-ups specializing in disruptive technologies such as EdTech, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and more

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How We Support Founders

We aim to empower teams that possess solutions to some of our world's hardest challenges and accelerate them to a global scale


We do this by providing both the necessary capital and equipment o accelerate their objectives and goals

Our LP's

Our conscious LP's are an extension of us, meaning their values are in line with our investment principals


We ensure that our investors explicitly understand the risks of investing in startups and other ventures, but are passionate about allocating their capital toward impactful causes

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How We Support Our LP's

We want our LPs to feel confident when investing in our fund. We provide our diverse investors with an avenue to make well-positioned and international investments, creating a path for wealth generation


We choose to serve as educators, embedding financial empowerment, while providing detailed updates on the progress of our portfolio companies, and offering opportunities for our LPs to be value-add investors

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